How Regent Park is transforming from a dangerous to a vibrant and healthy neighbourhood

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How Regent Park is transforming from a dangerous to a vibrant and healthy neighbourhood
Much has been said and written about Regent Park neighbourhood -east of downtown Toronto. That it was a run-down, crime infested area. No business would dare to set up a presence in such a location.
About 13 years ago, the City of Toronto (Toronto Community Housing -TCHC) along with other government and developer partners came up with an initiative that would start changing the face of this once shunned neighbourhood.
Regent Park is an area encompassing Parliament Street to the west to Don Valley Parkway to the east and Gerrard Street to the north to Queen Street to the south.
Goal of this 69-acre Regent Park Revitalization is to transform the area into a thriving mixed-income neighbourhood. Major focus is towards economic, social and cultural revival.

Daniels Corporation is the developer partner with TCHC. Since the opening of Daniels Spectrum – arts and cultural centre - in 2012, a number of new condominium buildings have been built starting with OneCole Condominiums. According to Daniels website, by the time the revitalization is completed, 2,083 existing social housing units will be replaced by new, energy efficient, modern units. In addition to these units, nearly 3,000 market units for sale are being introduced.

If anyone has been to this stretch of the Dundas Street recently, they would notice a lot of development taking place and it is transforming this neighbourhood into a better and vibrant community.
In the past 4 years, this neighbourhood got its athletic grounds, a community park, a community centre and an aquatic centre. Also condo buildings giving its residents a modern lifestyle are coming up, such as Wyatt, DuEast and the latest release Artworks Tower.

All in all, by the time the revitalization is completed in about next 10 years, Regent Park will have undergone a complete transformation.

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