How to Secure Your Property While Away

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North America is witnessing a gradual increase in crime and that brings home safety issue to the forefront. Follow these tips when leaving your home.

Shopping or Dinner trip

Secure all windows and doors before leaving home. Close garage doors as an empty garage lets burglars know that you are away. Create a “lived-in” appearance to deter burglars.

When going out, especially at night, leave one or more lights on and having a radio on. Buying timers that will turn lights on and off while you are away is a good idea.

Never leave door keys in obvious places, such as, flower pots, door mats, mailbox, over the doorway.

Going away on vacation

Do not leave notes. Suspend regular home deliveries – milk, newspaper, etc before going away. Arrange for lawn cutting and have someone remove advertisements and other material regularly. On the other hand, scattered toys will create an impression of occupancy.

Inform your trusted neighbours of your absence so they can be alert for suspicious activities. Leave a key with them so they can inspect your place from time to time. Ask them to change the position of blinds, window coverings.

Have your mail forwarded by notifying the post office or have someone that you trust pick it up daily.

Also, when you leave, do not publicize your plans.
Always remember to:
  • Lock before you leave
  • Leave a key with trusted neighbour
  • Be a concerned neighbour yourself

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