Negotiating the price of a house

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Negotiating the price of a house

How Do Sellers Come Up with their Price

When buying homes, it is imperative that you know the reasons on how the sellers came up with their prices

Here are some strategies you should practice when searching for houses. 

1. Overpriced Properties

 All sellers want to walk away with the most amount of money after selling the house. Same thing when choosing an agent, they would go for someone who can appraise their property with the highest price. Some sellers list their homes marking it up with 10 % to 20 percent higher than it' s market value. Of course, this is not something you are looking for. Try to go around the nearby areas and check the prices of recently sold houses. In the end, these overprices properties just expired on the market and then gets listed again of becomes For Sale by Owner. 

2. Somewhat Overpriced

 These are properties priced around 5 % to 10 % higher that its market value. Same as the other overpriced houses, these properties may stay longer in the market but then again, it is still up to you. If you think that it's worth the money, then you can go for it. 

3. Current Market Value Priced
Some sellers would still go for the current market value in their area. This is true most specially for people who would like to sell their houses within a reasonable time frame.

4. Priced Below the Market Value
 A lot of sellers want to sell their homes quickly and with that said, they would go under the market value. Normally, they would receive a lot of offers. Again, you need to understand why the seller came up with that price. 


Next week I will show you how to save thousands of dollars when you buy a home.


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