What do you do to be More Productive in life

What do you do to be More Productive in life
Here are some tips:
1. Keep a time record of your tasks, create a time table. You'll definitely see how much time you will save.
2. Prioritizing things makes you become more efficient. List down everything that you want , what you need to do and determine which should go first.
3. If you already have that list in front of you, eliminate things that does not really need to be done at the moment. Ask yourself, can this wait?
4. Say NO. If you have too much on your plate, learn to say NO.
5.Stop pleasing all people all the time.
6.Sometimes Multi tasking is not really an effective way to finish things, you won't be able to focus on a lot of things at the same time.
7.Always plan ahead.
8.Track your progress.
9.. Finally reward yourself!🏆

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